Désirée Hanssen – Lay Bare Recordings

As an independent record label I came in contact with Warren from Plug Music Agency while working together on the release from a newly fresh and promising South African band, Ruff Majik. Their goal was getting more publicity and excitement around their music, especially in Europe, united States and Australia. As Ruff Majik’s record-label I…

Justin Swart – The Amblers

Quite frankly, a lot of people enjoying the music we are making heard about us through some form of PR Plug Music Agency had their hands on. Simple as that. Any band good at their craft with something to give this world, willing to work their tails off, that don’t expect any handouts will see…

Josh Middleton

Plug Music Agency has helped me secure two number one hits which has helped grow my social media presence from 200 followers to close on 100K followers. Warren and his team are not only professional but are devoted to their artists and deliver great results.  

Johni Holiday – Ruff Majik

Working with Plug Music has been an absolutely amazing journey. From the conception of our new album to the release, they were there, lending an experienced hand. Always there when you call, always ready to figure out the next step. If you need a well crafted and effective PR campaign, these are your guys!

Roy Epstein – Dirty Moonshine

Working with plug music agency has changed our entire dynamic on how dirty moonshine runs. the pr and radio plugin services have been priceless.It is so refreshing to work with such a team that is so devoted to their artists, clientele and the local music scene.

James Irving – Facing the Gallows

The moment we started working with Plug Music was the very minute that everything changed for the good for Facing the Gallows.. Beside the obvious points of having professionals handling media and public relations. Plug Music guide and structure campaigns for us to get maximum exposure, whether that’s locally or internationally. Maintaining a solid stream…

Doc Maclean

“Lastly, but not least, the role of my publicist, Warren Gibson, of Plug Music is acknowledged. For the second straight year he did a fantastic job of coordinating media appearances, interviews, fielding calls, answering questions, and listening to me gripe about the madness of the business! A job well done, and done well beyond the call of duty.”